About Us

Pro Seals and Bearings was opened by Kelvin Pohlman in August 1994. Kelvin started as a one man business and has grown to include a great sales team.

Key Individuals


Kelvin Pohlman

Linda Pohlman


Cindy Pohlman

Mark Botha


Kim Heunis

Linda Pohlman


Christo Heunis

Technical Advice

Cindy Pohlman (over 15 years in the industry)

Kelvin Pohlman (over 40 years in the industry)

Mission and Goal

We pride ourselves on our many years of technical knowledge and provide quality products and services to our customers.

We ensure that products are delivered as soon as possible to lesson any production down time that may be incurred by our clients.

BEE Rating

We have our BEE rating renewed annually and is available on request.